Yeh Hai Chahatein new actors – Sulochana, Kabir


Two new characters have been introduced in the show in the last few days. These two characters are Sulochana – Rudraksh’s real mother/Balraj Khurana’s first wife. And Kabir

Sulochana as Rudraksh’s real mother in

Real NameAnjali Mukhi
Birthday12 June
Nature of role in showNagative
Information about Sulochana

Sulochana (Rajeev and Rudraksh Khurana’s real mother/Balraj Khurana’s first wife ) who is presumed to have died in an accident has now been revived with an astonishing revelation of the past.
In the beginning ( As her arrival commences ) Sulochana begins plotting her character on a very positive note showing herself a poor helpless lady who had been thrown out the Khurana House by Balraj Khurana because of his disacceptance of the unborn disabled child.Thus living in one of the poorest compartments. But the reality is totally topsy-turvy. She cames out to be a negative role who along with her son comes in the face of greediness to grab money from Khurana’s on being aware of Balraj Khurana’s death. She maintains double standards,being decent, naive and simpleton in front of the Khurana’s and revealing her reality behind the curtains.
Been suspected constantly by Ahana Khurana(about the unravel the mysteries behind her real identity), Sulochana gets Ahana taste her own medicine (ties in her own web),thus trying to manipulate and making the Khurana’s believe blind foldedly in her.
Recently having a narrow escape from being caught in a bar(dancing and drinking) by Preesha she decides to target her and teach her a lesson for further not interfering in her matters.

Kabir as Sulochana’s Son in Yeh Hai Chahatein

Kabir is recently introduced in the show. Kabir is Sulochana’s Son also Kabir is Rudraksh’s Brother.

Real NameKhushank Arora
Nature of role in showNagative
BirthdayTo be updated
Information about Kabir

Kabir as Sulochana’s Son and Rudraksh’s Brother has been portrayed as a handicapped person on a wheel chair, been paralyzed through his birth (legs). He begins to cast his character as a positive role helping Rudraksh and Preesha in finding Sonia ( Bhuvan’s Sister ), providing them with hidden clues as earlier he used to work as security guard in the bar where Sonia was trapped. Thus declaring himself as a positive role but in reality he is just like his mother, cunning, clever and maintains double standards. He is not a handicapped person but in hope of having luxurious life and in greed of money cooks up a plan with Sulochana(his mother), depicting them as helpless and poor, to have control on the life of Khurana’s (in greed of money).

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