Is Money Heist based on a true story ?

money heist

While Sergio’s story in Money heist is believed to have begun with his father, real stories are rarely as complex. The story for the heist began with its mastermind called Luis Fernando Ribeiro.

Just like the professor couldn’t have completed his heart on his own, Ribeiro needed people for the heist.

So, he went about gathering people for the heist. The 26-year old mastermind gathered a gang of 25 to put his brilliant plan into action. The target for the heist was the branch for the Central Bank at Fortaleza, Brazil.

If the selection of the Central Bank had anything to do with a symbolic message, like in Money heist, we are unaware. But speculators do say the heist was meant to reveal the corruption. In the country.

The Beginning of the Real Life Money Heist

The heist took place on the 6th of August 2005, however, it would be a gross overestimate to believe that is where the heist really began. In fact, the heist needed a preparatory stage. So if you can really trace back where the real heist began, it began 3 months ago -on 2 May 2005.

The first step was renting out a small property about a block away from the branch of the bank. The plan was to dig an underground tunnel from this property to the bank’s vault and transport the money bank to the property.

The Landscape Company

How do you dig an entire tunnel without being noticed? How would you dispense tons of dirt from the ground? Easy, you put up a front! The front for this heist was a landscaping company. But rather than simply work a landscaping company, they made people believe in their front. They made people that the site was under renovation. They put up a sign on the front yard staying “Synthetic Grass ” and rented a van advertising the landscaping company. They even went as far as to print leaflets to distribute around the neighborhood and market their new company! That’s why, when everybody saw vans full of soil being removed, they didn’t bother to investigate.

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