Top 4 Suspense Thriller movies to watch in 2022 | Latest 2021 suspense thriller movies

Top 4 Suspense Thriller Movie

In this article, you will find 4 suspense thriller movies arranged these movies in ascending order of suspense and thrill.

Caution: Goosebumps alert

4. Suspense Thriller Movie

The number 4th movie on this list is “Amry of thieves“. If you have never watched a suspense thriller movie cause you get scared… This could be your stepping stone.
This movie is a combination of action, drama-comedy, and suspense.

3. Suspense Thriller Movie

Then comes our number 3 on the list is “Hitman 2007“.
Hitman has 2 parts and the second part is Hitman Agent 47. The movie is full of hardcore action and thrill that will give you goosebumps.

2. Suspense Thriller Movie

Number 2 is “John Wick
John Wick has 4 chapters. 3 out of 4 movies are released and chapter 4 will be released in 2022.
If you want long-term goosebumps then grab a big coke, popcorn bucket and watch all the chapters.
Spoiler alert: John Wick is a true survivor.

Top Suspense Thriller Movie

And the top movie on our list is “Oxygen
If you are a science fiction and suspense lover… This movie is a must-watch.
This movie is on the top for a reason. We can rate this movie as the most suspenseful thriller movie of 2021.
If you love thrill and suspense makes your heart beat go sky climbing then Oxygen movie is the way to go.

Do comment your favorite movie below in the comment section and we will cover that movie in future articles with a shoutout.


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