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Tatiana are the same person ask him about what both characters were introduced in season four pretty much around the same time when Alicia was introduced as a police inspector Tatiana was introduced in a flashback as Berlin girlfriend as they got married now Tatiana was a robber herself and was actually told of the plan of the bank of Spain by Berlin which of course we saw how disappear the professor was with Berlin for telling her the plan this link between the two is too hard to ignore is mainly the

fact that they look so similar with both of them being red-headed and any other difference can be explained by the five-year time difference between the flashback and present day in season four lucia managed to capture Lisbon in the 10 and she told her about her late husband in a speech who went by the name chairman I don’t think German who Alicia was talking about has any link to Berlin and I’ll explain why Germany is not actually the word for the country and in Spanish if she was referenced in the country . she would have said Allah men also if you were to be Alicia’s husband he would have either had to survive the first highs of the royal mint as how do you explain Alicia being pregnant the timeline just doesn’t add up for Berlin to me Alicia’s husband and there’s case of burling having survived and going into hinding either.

it’s already been confirmed by the showrunner that Berlin indeed was killed off saying it is that he died a lot we killed him too much and there’s no way to revive him so for anyone . I had doubts that Berlin could still be alive that’s not the question Berlin is 100 percent dead but Alicia’s husband has to be some sort of relevance for the show to bring it up and make him relevant story in the show .

What will be see in Money Heist season five

season 5 is falling in 2 parts , volume 1 & volume 2. volume 1 is releasing on 3rd september & volume 2 will come on 3rd december.

so i think we’d have to wait in season 5 to find out who it is if we’re pretty sure that it’s not Berlin and this isn’t the only reason that Alicia and Tatyana are not the same person they both played by different actresses at least you’re being played by Nigel memory .

Tatiana being Played by Dian Gomez and for those that didn’t know Lucy and Lisbon were in the police traning together so she would know that the timing do not add up and as Alicia spoke about her late husband . You seem to know that Lisbon knew him if in fact and it’s a big if Alicia is actually Tatiana then has to be undercover and Peter undercover for year’s but as I said before the time i just do not match up for that happen if it is then they’re gonna have to come with something amazing to convince her that I wouldn’t put it past them because they’ve come up with some amazing storylines in Money heist in the previous seasons what makes sense is for Alicia to be touching on her sister which is why she’s such a good inspector because her sister was a robber and she’s of course learned from none other than Tatyana about how robbers things about .

And how they act and it’s why she’s being able to have Lisbon tracked down the way. She uses accent to shoot Nairobi and how she manages to track down the professor and despite her being dismissed by the task force leading against the highest.

Alicia’s flashback in Money Heist

She’s still determined to track down the professor because don’t forget we don’t know what happened to Tatiana . She didn’t just vanish and because we’re seen the flashback of her and Berlin get married there’s certainly another story ther to be told and this is one of the reason that kind of make me think . If she is actually Tatiana and the reason she’s so determined to find the professor is to avenge Berlin’s death but before they do that they’re got to need a hell of a lot of flashback make us understandable happy Tatiana and they need the timelines too much of a while some believe that Lisa was Berlin’s wife another possibility is that Berlin Alicia and the professor are actually siblings and it make sense that all three have such similar traits the three of them are super intelligent can predict . What other people’s next Moves are a real basses and they all love music especially Berlin and Alicia they are very similar personalise . We saw the ruthlessness streak of Alicia.

when she used Nairobi sun and paraded him outside the bank of Spain something only Berlin would be capable of Doing as he wanted to kill Monica in the first heist . Who is not Stockholm the traits are too similar to ignore . But I didn’t wanted to kill Rio and Alicia tortured him . I have even take it one step further and say that they could be twins and this is what Alicia may end up helping the professor as we saw at the end of season four .

let me know what you guys think down in the comment section .


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