sahil khanna wife

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Sahil Khanna wife


Here is sahil khanna details about his family, age, birth place and income.

Real NameSahil Khanna
Marital StatusMarried
Country of BirthIndia
Date of Birth 23 May 1991
Age as in 202028 years
Birth TownDelhi
Brother nameHimanshu Khanna,Jaytin Gulyani,
Father nameRajindra Khanna
sahil khanna biodata biography


Here is sahil khanna details about his height, weight hair colour, eye colour.

Weight in kg (app.)80 kilograms
Weight in Lbs176.37 pounds
Height in centimeters181.3 centimeter
Height in meters1.8 meters
Height in Feet Inches5 feet 9 inch
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


Sahil Khanna personal interests are given below.

  • Sahil Khanna likes to be stay happy and smile all the time.
  • Sahil Khanna loves to try different types of food.
  • Sahil Khanna likes to travel a lot.


Sahil Khanna belongs to a family where his father is a businessman founder of  Yugen Chemicals PVT LTD. Sahil Khanna is a great digital marketer, blogger, web designer, graphic designer, a superb content creator and a keen observer.

Sahil Khanna studied in LITTLE FAIRY PUBLIC SCHOOL ASHOK VIHAR, DELHI. He got admission in 1996 and studied in the same school till 2007, and finished his +2 Non-Med.

He is proudly the owner of Intellectual Indies (a verified youtube Channel) and lappas where he manufactures many great entrepreneurs.
He describes him a as normal citizen of  country INDIA, who observes and explores each and every thing that surrounds him.

According To Sahil Khanna Family is one of the most important, if not the most important thing in our lives. Taking time every day to appreciate your loved ones for all that they do helps us to reconnect as a family.

sahil khanna biodata


Sahil Khanna being and first year engineer student had a spark to do something big in his life and when he got his first project, it was hard for him to resist. This project was brought by one of his friend, who referred a client to him, at this point of time he had no prior knowledge of the project. This project was actually on SEO of a website. The client had offered him 2000 rupees each month for 6 months and Sahil Khanna and his other two friends took up the project and divided that money amongst them.

Sahil Khanna biodata

The client was satisfied and the project was complete.
After that Sahil Khanna and his friends started finding new projects. They got an opportunity to make a website for a client although they didn’t knew anything about web designing but did a research and made the website for the client.

sahil khanna

Time past and these first year students wanted more and more projects but but didn’t got repeated projects of a same field, Then got a Google AdWords PPC project but they didn’t come up with a very good result to please the client and hence the first year engineer students didn’t even take commission from the client.

Sahil Khanna tells that, when he use to practice things, the internet cost was near about 99 MB for hundred rupees and the speed was very slow. At that point of time this cost what was not negotiable.

Sahil Khanna and his friends did several other projects during their 4 year of engineering degree. But at the end of the engineering degree he wanted to work as an intern and to accomplishes internship, he worked on his father’s shop where he was not able to cope that much because he was an engineering student and working at shop needs marketing skills.

Then Sahil Khan decided to do MBA which was one of a proud decisions of him and he considers this decision to be life changing. He did MBA in marketing and international business.

Now Sahil Khanna and his friends which were once a team working in different fields whos directions were totally different.
Although all the team was disintegrated but Sahil Khanna united them again.

The projects which Sahil Khanna got were transferred to his team. He kept 20% and hence gave the rest commision of the project to his team. In a short period of time they registered the company under proprietorship, in order to save tax.

Sahil Khanna got an on campus pre placement worth 22,000 per month. Sooner he was selected under the Aditya Birla Group as a store manager, he felt very proud among his friends because Aditya Birla Group was reputed brand and being selected in a white collar job is always auspicious among peer group.

sahil khanna quotes

At this point of time Sahil Khanna was very happy and proud of his decisions which he talked in the past and which make him shine like a star. But the twist is yet to come.

Now he has cracked two interviews and had offer letter of two jobs then he also got one more interview cracked hence had 3 offer letters. College blacklisted him so he could not give more interviews and other students of the college could get an opportunity.

He went for the Aditya Birla Group 1 week training in a five star hotel and enjoyed the informative training.
Then he was finally appointed as a Coat Custodian in the store and hence he left the job after 2 days.

Sahil Khanna went back to his old job, here the pay was not too much but he really enjoying his work, he was reporting the CEO as a business analyst.

Sahil Khanna had a habit to switched his passions and profession in barely 6 months. Sahil Khanna tried whatever he wanted to try. He was a bird with big Wings flying high in the sky doing wonders.

He also worked in vr production company where he learnt the technicalities of different things, just like cameras lights which became the stepping stone for his YouTube channels  (Intellectual Indies and Sahil khanna)

He decided to make a youtube channel as a new year resolution on 31st of december, 2016. Finally on 1st January, 2017 he created his Youtube Channel INTELLECTUAL INDIES. His aim was to provide knowledge to everyone.

Sahil Khanna Video With Amit Mishra

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