OM THOKE Biodata BioGraphy, History Achievements and Unknown facts

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Today we all know about Om Thoke as a Serial Entrepreneur and a SEO Expert but the journey started in 2005.

If you have ever met Om Thoke, you would find that he is one of the most humble person on this entire Globe.

You can find complete details about Om Thoke Biodata, Om Thoke Biography as well as History and achievements of Om Thoke. Stay tuned till the end for some unknown facts about Om Thoke.

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Om Thoke Earning

Millionaire blogger, Om Thoke is Making $200000 – $300000+ Per Month Revenue.

Om Thoke has multiple source of Incomes. Om Thoke believes that one must be consistent , hardworking and must be keen to learn throughout life.

Om Thoke Complete Bio Data, Biography and Family details

Below are the complete details about Om Thoke age, Height, Weight, Personal preferences and family details.

Om Thoke Biodata, biography and Physical information

Here are details about Om Thoke such as age of Om Thoke, Height of Om Thoke, Weight of Om Thoke, Eye color of Om Thoke.

NameOm Thoke
Age in 202034
Birth Date7 August 1986
Eye colorBlack
Weightto be updated
Heightto be updated
Om Thoke Biodata Table
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Om Thoke History, Achievements | Complete Journey

Everyone knows about Om Thoke and at the same time everyone wants to know more about “The Serial Entrepreneur”.

His journey started in 2005, When Om Thoke was in second year of college. Om Thoke reveals that one day he saw one of his college publishing blog posts on Om Thoke was surprised to see his college mate. One day his college mate got ₹3500 Adsense check . This inspired Om Thoke to write articles for his blog. Om Thoke got his first $108 Adsense Check after 11 months.

According to Om Thoke Blogging is a game of persistence and patience testing.

Om Thoke started freelance writing and then he made a team to increase his productivity and revenue. Soon he stated earning 6 figure in dollars. On 18 may, 2011 Om thoke lost 350 blogs, 93% of revenue and traffic from Google due to an error by Om Thoke’s team member and Google algorithm changes. Then Om Thoke converted Webfosys, a content marketing company into an full fledge Agency.

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Now Om Thoke has a Blog Network of more than 6000 Niche Blogs. Om Thoke always had a keen interest in Automobiles and he always found himself indulged in writing blogs post about new bike especially the sports cars. He revealed that his interest and curiosity about sports cars motivated him and this was his major source of domine while writing Blog Posts.

Om Thoke is currently Managing DESI BLOGGERS WORLD Community. This community is for those people who want to learn Seo And Blogging. You can join the Desi Bloggers world Facebook Community and can get ample amount of knowledge about White, Grey and Black Hat SEO.

Om Thoke is also famous for his famous Keyword research method known as “DQR” i.e. Double quote Results.

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Unknown Facts About Om Thoke – Serial Entrepreneur

Here are some unknown and interesting facts about Om Thoke. After reading Unknown facts about Om Thoke, history and achievement of Om Thoke You would be really surprised and inspired by Om Thoke’s journey.

  • Om Thoke was Global Web Hosting guide (2015 – 2020) for the famous website
  • Om Thoke has worked on Call Centres and sold Amway products for pocket Money.
  • Om Thoke worked in Microsoft Call Centre with the name “Mark”.
  • Om Thoke use to teach Tutions to younger students.
  • Om Thoke used to make fake American profiles on different freelancing websites to get freelancing article writing projects from Outside India.
  • Om Thoke with his team has build more than 1700 websites in past 11 years.
  • Om Thoke is a true Beer lover
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